Twitter Slow Chat.

A typical Twitter chat takes place over a sixty minute period. Commonly, the chat will hosted by a moderator/s who will post pre-written questions for chat participants to answer. The chat will use a particular hashtag to allow all posts with the hashtag to show up in a hashtag search. This gives anyone on Twitter the opportunity to each others tweets without needing to follow everyone in the chat. Participants are encouraged to answer the questions as well engage in side conversations related to the topic by replying to other participant’s tweets. The goal is to have a productive conversation which can take many forms  including vigorous debate or atta-boy accolades. These Twitter discussions are often beneficial because of ideas and resource sharing. If the Twitter chat has high participation the flow of the tweets can be hard to keep up with. Sometimes this can be overwhelming for some individuals who do not have experience. Regardless of your experience level, these fast paced chats can be fun and exciting. 

An alternate form of Twitter chat is the “Twitter Slow Chat,” although, it can have other names. The Twitter slow chat takes place over a predetermined time frame decided by the moderator/s.  Sometimes the chat can be over a 12-24  hour, or can even last as long as a week. These chats are designed to run at a much slower pace. Sometimes the moderators will post all the questions at one time or spread the questions out over the allotted time period. Participants are encouraged to answer questions and respond to other participant’s tweets when it is convenient for them. Slow Chats can be just as engaging as the faster Twitter chats, however, slow chats give you the advantage of responding or posting when it works for you as well as giving you more time to think about your posts and responses. 

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