Twitter in high school, a short journey. –

Below are links to several of my blog posts that document many of the benefits for using Twitter (social media in general) in the high school classroom. Some of the links also show the steps myself and others took in our school district to encourage the unblocking of Twitter.

  • Benefits of Social Media in class. – vine instagram twitter
  • Twitter finally unblockd in my school district. includes benefits to students and the process I went through to keep pushing the district.
  • This Google Hangout On Air was only possible because of the connections I was able to make on twitter.
  • Twitter can provide on the spot connection with experts
  • You might concider sitting down with the super and show them the benefits by hand – if you have the time. – This is what I would show them 3 ways to use twitter. Without an account, with an accout, with an account and actually tweeting.
  • Points for trying to convince my district to unblock Twitter. – there is a chance you have already covered these topics with your higher-ups but thought it might help anyway.

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1 Response to Twitter in high school, a short journey. –

  1. Jose Popoff says:

    I myself have seen the benefits of Twitter and social media in my HS classroom. Thank you Adam for the resources, for the connection, and your never-ending spirit of innovation that inspires us all.

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