Scientist on Twitter: Compilation Video

(Thanks for the RT and visit but please submit a video…. Pretty please)

Hey all, I realized my little project needs a little better explanation.

Here is my original request with a short video explanation.

As you know some individuals need a little coaxing to get started on Twitter. My friend Tricia Shelton @TdiShelton and I are presenting at the NSTA conference in March. We will have several opportunities to share Twitter with science educators. One of the biggest benefits of Twitter is the easy access we get to scientists like you.

So I am asking you to make a short 10 video clip to include in a video compilation that will be shared at the conference and passed around the interwebs in the future.

How do I want the videos sent to me?

Lots of options

  • Instagram – @taylorsci
  • Vine app, but you will only have 6 seconds
  • Record on your phone and email it to me
  • Load to dropbox and share with me
  • Upload on youtube and send me the link
  • I am open to other suggestions as well
  • Contact me if you need my email address

It is important to know that the video quality isn’t a big deal. I am more concerned about the content being coherent and concise.

Please, don’t be shy, remember this is for the progress of science and for all human kind. If you have scientists friends who are willing to help, please invite them for me. 🙂 Thanks to @Choosy_Female and @DoreenMcVeigh who have already submitted a 10 second clip.


Adam Taylor

ps – once the compilation is complete you are welcome to share with any and all.  

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High School Science Teacher Dickson, TN
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