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Hey all. It has been a good break but this Thursday we are ready to get a new school year of discussions between Scientists and High School Students started. At 9 pm EDT Thursday, Sept. 11 we will discuss the Nature of Science. I regret the date turns out to be 9/11, however, participating in a Twitter chat with no boarders is one of the great things about living free. Freedom comes with a cost and I am grateful for those how have sacrificed for me and my family. Each year scientists and students from more and more countries join the monthly chat and I am thrilled by the growth. As weird as it sounds I hope the power and freedom of social media will be available to all people in every country in the near future.

This year we will be making a strong effort to hit topics that have far reaching interest across multiple science disciplines. Through this push we hope that more teachers will find value in participation with their students. We also plan to work hard to provide a higher volume of resources as classes prepare for discussions. This is not to say that pre-chat-prep is required. We will still follow the basic format that has been adopted by so many Twitter chats with the Q1/A1 question and answer response. Student moderators will still lead the discussion and they will begin preparation for the chat well in advance.

During the discussions we would like to try to run a Google Hangout On Air for the student moderators and their cooperating teachers.  We thought this would help increase the quality of communication between the educators and students as they lead #SciStuChat.

We are also working to build a more aesthetically pleasing website. The bare-bones of the old site has served us well but we feel it is time for a change. The new site will not be ready by Thursday, however.

All high school science teachers, all high school students, all scientists, science writers, and all science minded individuals are welcome to join in. Hope to see you on the hashtag. 

Teachers planning to have students participate??? Please, teach them the methods for participation.

If you want to learn more about the details behind #SciStuChat, check out 

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