Vine, Instagram, Twitter… Oh My! It is not about the app, it is about the ways students can demonstrate learning with the app

“There isn’t a ‘PG’ rated app that an educator can’t turn into a learning tool” – ZALT

I wish I was able to remember how I was first introduced to @VineApp – a smartphone app that allows users to make and view 6 second videos. What can you do in 6 sec?  A lot. Video clips can be in the form of stop animation by tapping on the recording screen to capture short spurts. ie. Pinecone.

When I first made my vine account I was quick to find the GE #6secondscience competition. Students used vine to show science in 6 seconds. I was thrilled. Finally a video tool that fit my attention span and that of my students! Plus it was an app available to iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users. Half of my students if not more have a device of some kind so using Vine in class would be easy!

The complexity of the #6secondscience videos has been varied. Some were simple others were a lot more complex complex.

Not long after that I met a new tweep Tricia Shelton, @TdiShelton. She said she had started using Instagram in class with her students. A few students were begging me to start using Instagram in class as well. Sadly I didn’t succumb to the suggestions/requests till second semester. The app can take pictures as well as make 15 second videos. Part of the reason I finally signed up for Instagram is the result of a cool web app I discovered. Many of you are likely already familiar with it. If it is new to you, you are in for a treat. Tagboard can compile hashtags across several social media platforms: Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. This ability opens up a new world for teachers. We now have one tool to compile education sharing from different platforms just by using one hashtag. This is great for students as well, they can choose which app they want to use. Tricia and I use #kytnsci to help our students share their learning. Here is the link to the tagboard. you will likely need to scroll down a few times before you find student posts, but they are there!

The more videos we make the more complex the videos become. Currently, students are required to do more than just a demo. Students must also include a description and summary of the demonstration.

On May 2nd a discussion started about using Vine for education. Here is the record of the discussion. – a summary? We want to share student learning with other students through Vine and other video tools.

So it all comes down to this, if you and your students are using social media (Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc) to demonstrate learning, please include the hashtag #ShareUrEd – we are hoping this can turn into a location that students can share cool developments in their educational growth.


I said it wasn’t about the app, it is about the learning, but I failed to give more examples. – a fix is coming soon.

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