#WeirdSci Part 2: #WeirdInverts (http://wp.me/p17e1J-56)

Last month we had fun with #WeirdSci and #WeirdBugs. Check out the storify of last months #weirdsci. http://storify.com/2footgiraffe/weirdsci-week-weirdbugs

This month we are checkin-out #WeirdInverts. We need a couple definitions though. By inverts of course we mean invertebrates or animals without a backbone.
The awesome pictures were provided by John S. Mead. Click the pic to visit his site. Thanks John!
Atlantic Nettle

The “weird” part of #WeirdInverts needs more detail for the definition. For the purposes of this activity weird = cool, unusual, awesome, crazy, scary, beautiful, amazing, ugly (no animal is ugly in my opinion), creepy, and any other adjective that come to mind. Basically, post pictures, videos, and drawings of inverts you find interesting. Please credit the photographer when possible.

#WeirdInverts participation runs on Feb 1st and 2nd. However, you are welcome to post weird inverts anytime before or after. 🙂

Share your #WeirdInverts stuff through Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Just make sure you include the #WEIRDINVERTS hashtag (Casing does not matter, upper or lower, it’s all good.)

Happy Posting

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High School Science Teacher Dickson, TN
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