Jan. 1st Begins #WeirdSci Fun. (http://wp.me/s17e1J-weirdsci)

Pseudoneoponera2-LThanks to Alex Wild for the use of this Butt Foam Ant picture.

Okay, so you don’t like bugs, but you have to admit some bugs have amazing colors and shapes on this planet. To bring some of those extravagant, awesome, creepy, scary, and weird bugs to light, we are encouraging everyone to share pictures, images, videos, stories, ect. on the hashtag #weirdbugs starting January 1st.

Infact the first 5 days of each month we hope to have a different emphasis: #weirdmammals, #weirdparasites #weirddiseases…….

This idea came about as a result of a blog post by Sarah Keartes @sarahkeartes http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=16186 In her blog Sarah points out some of the weird fish that exist in the world’s oceans. Not only did she blog about the weird fish, she challenged people to share their favorite weird fish using the Twitter hashtag #weirdfish. Here is an archive of the hashtag tweets. http://storify.com/2footgiraffe/weirdfish-as-inspired-by-sarah-keartes.4

Goofy Mayfly

Thanks to Morgan Jackson for the use of this Mayfly picture.

A couple days later Sarah and I were talking and we realized this is something that should happen on a regular basis. There are millions of cool organisms that people do not know about. We hope that a monthly #weirdsci event will help bring some of those organisms out of obscurity. We live in an amazing world and this will be a fun way to share it with each other.

Join us New Years day and the 4 following days on Twitter. Post your favorite bug pics, images, videos, and stories on the #weirdbugs #weirdsci hashtag. Please check the hashtag and retweet the posts you like from other people as well.

p.s. check back with #WeirdSci monthly or with @sarahkeartes and @2footgiraffe for future topics.

Misumenoides sp?Thanks to Morgan Jackson for the use of this spider picture.

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