Today, Class was a Dream! –

Wow, I don’t think my zoology class could have gone any better today. Last class period I prepared a shared google presentation and gave students the link to edit the slides. Each student was assigned a different slide to add information about fish and their different characteristics. The requirements were simple, give a basic definition/description of the topic/organism, include pics and a video. – Presentation –
When class started today, students were ready to live tweet the presentation, using #tayverts, as the final product was shared and lectured to the class. Sadly, I did most of the sharing, but a few students got up and taught us about their slide. -Next time it will be mostly students talking- When we got to the sharks part of the presentation I happened to be walking around the room and saw a tweet from @WhySharksMatter in one of the tweetdeck columns on my students computer. She then invited @WhySharksMatter to join the conversation on #taybio. He did! He asked the students if they had any shark questions. A couple of the students responded with their questions and received answers as well. – by the way @WhySharksMatter has helped us 2 or 3 times with #scistuchat a monthly twitter chat between scientists and high school students. More info at
It was awesome! This would not have been possible without the benefits and connection power of twitter.
MY STUDENTS WERE TALKING TO A SHARK SCIENTISTS IN CLASS WHILE WE LEARNED ABOUT SHARKS. And we didn’t have to make any arrangements beforehand. Now it doesn’t always work out this well, but is sure was great!!

On top of it all the students said they wanted to do this type of presentation assignment again! Yahoo!

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4 Responses to Today, Class was a Dream! –

  1. Martin Bullock (thechemmeister) says:

    Awesome! The way you use twitter with your students is inspirational. Thanks, btw, for inviting scientists to follow our event Friday and Saturday.

  2. Jess Henze says:

    Every day that passes, I wish I had the technology to do awesome things like this, or even the support to allow my students to use their own devices. I am intrigued to see how the next project about Ecosystems pans out since we will be looking at essential questions through the lens of an ecosystem. The students will put all of their info on a wiki and will have to participate in a discussion as well. It is blog posts like this that make me think “Who cares if people think that I’m hogging the tech in the building, this is going to be AWESOME!”

    • 2footgiraffe says:

      Sounds like you are doing awesome things with what you have. I was in the same boat for being a tech hog. No one else was signing up to use the lab so I didn’t really feel bad about it.
      I would love to see the Ecology Wiki when it is done if you would like to share it.

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