Reflections on TMKY12

Wow what a day! 200+ educators, 80% of whom have never been to a teachmeet, 1 awesome facility provided for free, and lots of people ready to share and collaborate.

@cybraryman1 gave is our keynote to start things off. He shared about meeting kids where they are at and building from there. He shared wonderful examples about letting students lead the learning in class and asking them what they need to help them want to learn. He taught us to change the mantra of being a “life long learner” to being a “constant learner.”

Next, we moved to the 20 min sessions. Great sessions with great ideas for educators and the classroom; BYOD, Google Docs, Glogster, 1000mics, Flipped classroom, Weebly, Ipad stuff, Socrative, Iphonograpy, Itunes U KY, just to name a few. I wish I could have had an ear in all the sessions.
From the beginning there were many mentions of Twitter. In-fact I had a little fun with it. Each session I went into I would say “have you ever heard of the WECN (world educators collaboration network)? It is an amazing free tool for collaboration with educators from across the planet.” Participants in the session are all taking notes at that point and then I say “the real name of the WECN is TWITTER.” It is a blast to watch jaws hit the floor. I know my jaw did the same thing the first time I learned Twitter had educational value. Most educators at tmky12 opened themselves up to the fact that Twitter has value.
The best example I have experienced about connections made through Twitter happened during a session about making videos in class. There was a little extra time and I was sharing how I use Twitter in class with high school students. An educator asked if I knew of any elementary teachers using Twitter in class. I said I did and began to explain there was an educator in my district who had just started using twitter in class this year.
Another educator raised her hand and said “I’m that teacher,”
I said “Are you Kelly?!”
She said “Yes!”
Everyone start buzzing. This was significant because Kelly (@kellyk5678) was in my district but our connection had come through twitter.

OfficeMax and their vendors gave us a great lunch from Honeybaked Ham.
The smackdown was a blast as well. For those who do not know, a smackdown is a fast paced throwdown of tech tools for educators or classroom use. Different people get up and share one of their favorite tools for 2 min. Once your time is up you get yanked by the 2 min alarm. Quick tools, fast learning.

@allenraymartin and @wkingbg pulled together a great group of vendors and had amazing door prizes, making a free tech uncon even better. Thanks to all to Will, Allen, all the presenters, volunteers, vendors, and attendees. TMKY12 was awesome!

Adam Taylor

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High School Science Teacher Dickson, TN
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