AP Snow Day Classes, Possible Solution to Lost Instruction Time.

Last year Metro Public Schools had 9 snow/inclement weather days. This produced a lot of stress for AP (advanced placement) teachers. Any teacher who is responsible for a standardized test, AP test, or state test, will agree, it is a race to get through the material that students are responsible to know for the test. Any lost instructional time compounds the pressure on teachers.
After using Ustream to hold online teacher PD and student classes during snowdays last year, (http://bit.ly/taylornews5  and http://wp.me/p17e1J-z) we got the idea to set up a program for AP teachers to give instruction to AP students when school is out for snow or other weather related situations. We call it APIWOC, AP Online Inclement Weather Online Class.
We sent the word out to AP teachers and solicited volunteers to give an hour of instruction on snowdays in their selected subjects. Using livestream.com (requires less bandwidth and less computer memory on the student side) the teacher would broadcast or stream their subject at the same time every snow day. Potentially, one teacher could be instructing or reviewing with all the AP students of a particular subject in the district.
All broadcasts will be recorded and archived for a couple of reasons; 1. some students do not have internet access at home and will not be able to watch the broadcast live, 2. if there are enough teacher volunteers some sessions will run at the same time, thus forcing students to choose which session to watch live.
We also made a simple website for students to find the schedule, participation tutorial, and archived sessions bit.ly/apiwoc.
After training teachers and practicing the tech we are ready to run. Staring the week of Feb 20th if snow or other bad weather arrives, we will be ready.
By-the-way, teacher and student participation is completely voluntary. Students will not be graded for participation.
I expect this will be a temporary solution until we have a true LMS, Learning Management System.  

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2 Responses to AP Snow Day Classes, Possible Solution to Lost Instruction Time.

  1. artwithmsb says:

    I really like this solution and have passed it on to our director of curricular technology and our ap biology teacher. I have created and implemented an online course this semester using edmodo and jing screencasting software. Also our middle school is talking about and researching the concept of a flipped classroom. Thanks for sharing your take on increasing classroom time and exposure. 🙂

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