Barcamp Nashville and A High School Teacher.

So my friend Joe said, “Hey Adam, you should submit a proposal for Barcamp Nashville” I said “okay, sounds fun” Well they accepted the proposal and so now I get to present at Barcamp Nashville. Yeehaaa.
What is Barcamp Nashville?

“ BarCamp is a free, technology focused “unconference” that’s equal parts networking, knowledge-building and fun.
BarCamp has become the premier technology conference in Nashville, bringing together the best minds and representation of the hottest companies in the internet, entrepreneurial, new media, and software industries, among others. Attendees are encouraged to get involved through volunteering, presenting an insightful session, or inspiring and leading community learning through active discussion and networking.”

For those who know me, I’m big on social media in the classroom with a heavy focus on Twitter. And that is what Joe suggested I cover at Barcamp Nashville. – So here is my topic – “Why does a Teacher have Six Twitter Accounts for School.”
I hope to share how Twitter has help me as a professional but more improtantly how Twitter is helping me connect with my students. And how students are connecting with the world.

There will be lots of other great sessions at Barcamp Nashville as well. Hope you can come.
Go to to get signed up.


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High School Science Teacher Dickson, TN
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