Twitter needs a new name.

Twitter needs a new name.

Yes, I’m a twistian or twuslum or twindu, whatever you want to call it. I like, love, need, and rely on twitter. But not for the reason you are thinking!
Who do I “follow” that makes me need twitter? Not Ke$ha or Ashton or Anderson Cooper or Beiber. I follow Nancy Blair, Steve Anderson, Jason Bedell, Jerry Blumengarten. “I’ve never heard of any of those people” you say. That is exactly my point. I don’t follow celebrities, I follow educators. “Why do you care about what educators are eating for breakfast?” You ask. I grin and say “you have hit it again” I don’t care what the had for breakfast. I care about their ideas as educators. I follow almost 1000 different educators that I collaborate with daily on education standards, classroom ideas, education reform, feedback on lesson plans, and how to become more effective as an educator.
I realize that doesn’t sound like the twitter you know. I agree. That is why I say twitter needs a new name. Like the World Educators Collaboration Network ( WECN) or Twitter For Education TFE.
Imagine, while at the next faculty meeting and you are talking to a colleague and they ask where you found that new site you are using with students.You say “I found out about it from the World Educators Collaboration Network.” Are their eyes going to roll and dissolve in their sockets then drain onto the floor as their ears burst into flames? NO. They are going say “WOW, what is WECN?” Then begins the teaching moment of the year and their conversion to the WECN. I know for me the WECN has been the single best learning tool, PD tool, collaboration tool, and social tool ever. Personally I think twitter, oops, I mean WECN, is the best thing to happen to education! Even if all the computers were removed from the school and my students never had phones, I would still be a more effective teacher because of the things I learn from my peers on twitter!
Help your friends get connected to the World Educators Collaboration Network.-Send them this link.
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5 Responses to Twitter needs a new name.

  1. Thanks Adam,
    It does seem like Twitter, and social media in general, have a branding problem in education. One of the main issues as I see it, is that we work for a system that is resistant to change by its very nature.
    I’ve tried to tackle it head on by bringing it to the higher-ups in schools and districts, but the only way to make it really last is to work on the relationships. The people that I have sat down with and showed the potential personally stuck with Twitter the longest and got the most out of it. It is slow, but it seems like spreading the word teacher-to-teacher is the most effective way to go about it.

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  3. John sowash says:

    Nic epost, Adam. I completely agree. Every time I try to explain twitter to someone they cant quite understand what anyone would have to tweet about that is worth while!

    • 2footgiraffe says:

      Agreed John. That hits the disconnect between the power of twitter in education and how most people use twitter. In answer to that I made this screencast a while back. “You don’t have to tweet to use twitter.” The people that we try to share twitter with might find it useful.

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